Jessica & Wilber – engagement @U.S. part 3

In the few days, we’re getting along with Jessica and Wilber. We had lots of talk and laughters and know each other even more. This is the atmosphere we are looking for with every couple – truly being their friends and have a glimpse of their stories.

This time we went to the signature of their university, the mighty Aggie Ring! After some play-cool photos for the “Aggies” (the graduates call themselves this way), we went to a place that is more private for the couple, a beach side where very few locals know it. Thank God for the misty weather, it just forms the mood that only God can create… and the cover of our album was born.

Americans love going to carnivals for fun in leisure time, so does the couple. We went to the Kemah Boardwalk and had a great night out. The lights, the ferris wheel, the laughters and the shining couple… we had so much fun together!


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