Wing-Sze & Peter – Engagement @Okinawa

When Wing-Sze and Peter first asked us about where to go in Asia for engagement photos, we suggested Okinawa. With borderless sea shore, remote nature, historical Japanese villages, rocky roads…. Okinawa is really a good place for the couple having their holiday, yet it’s a cultural experience for all of us to be shared!

We always believe, more than just photos, it’s a journey and experience with love and fun! This time, the couple got the chance to experience Okinawa styled kimono, which is totally different from the traditional Japanese kimono we’re all familiar with. With the background of historical villages and rocky road, we’re lucky to have a glimpse of the original Japan just like in the past decade!

Different from the engagement photo sessions in Hong Kong, we find couples would be in much more good mood, more relaxed and enjoying every moment while taking photos in the trip. This can be revealed in their smiling faces in the photos! Thinking of taking your engagement (or post-wedding) photos while having fun in the trip? Ask us for more destination ideas!


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