about us

We’re all about celebrating the love and stories we’ve always cherished. We’re a duo of love-story-holic that love to keep it timeless with photos and videos.

Processed with VSCOcam


Mike is an ever-growing-kidult, photographer specialized in wedding, event, and commercial photography since 2009. Learning straight from in-field professional, Mike learnt and worked in countless events, with clients including M.A.C., SWATCH, RADO, Shell, etc. Though enjoying the commercial work, what makes Mike primarily choose photography as life-long career is the honor to witness and join people’s stories of a life time. To realize the dream, Mike founded miLa with focus on showcasing stories of couples than posed, eye-candy photos. He believes it is always the sweetness between the two that makes the photos shine. It is and it always should be.


dot previously was a 9am-to-9pm everyday-is-work office girl. When she realized it is not what she wants her life to be, yet she wants to make nice and beautiful things in people’s life. Then she met Mike who share the same dream with her, and think she should give Mike a go. Together with Mike, dot aimed to unleash her creativity and caring to all the who-can-really-understand-me brides out there, and realize their little dreams of love in the moment of a life time.
How about the grooms? Go ask Mike boys!  XD

From which hand you hold him/her for the very first time to which color tone of flowers you should choose for your wedding, why not drop us a message?

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