Bonnie & Jack – Engagement @Kyoto

In the season of cherry blossoms, we went to Kyoto with Bonnie and Jack. The photos are ablaze with color of cherry blossoms, which gives a touch of romance to the pictures. Love so much!

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Jenny & Anthony

It has been a year from the day we got Jenny’s email to the day of shooting. We enjoyed a lot planning the engagement session for the couple, from the choice of location, bridal gown fitting, hair styles, outfits of the day to the suggestion of props, and much more…

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Vanessa & Jason

We always like having engagement journey at places that are really meaningful to our couples.

Vanessa and Jason is an easy-going couple, with just one request to us, “We only have one must-go place, and for the remaining time we’ll follow your lead.” “Great!”, we think. We always enjoy making a date out for couples.

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Jessica & Wilber – engagement @U.S. part 2

Last time we’ve shown you the couple’s babies, Aggie and Yuki for how lovely they are, but their love for animals doesn’t stop there. Today they bring us to visit their bigger baby.

And when I say big, I really mean BIG, it’s a horse! Though we know in Hong Kong you can see and touch a real house too, it can never rival the huge place even a “small” horse-ground we had in U.S.

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Jessica & Wilber – engagement @U.S. part 1

Love has no dimension. Love is love.

Raised in different places, their lanes seem never come across each other. But when it’s destiny makes it happen, it happened. The lovebirds finally met in the beautiful town, Houston in Texas.

Born and grown-up in Hong Kong, Wilber decided to further his study in U.S. He never thought he’ll meet his only love, Jessica, in this beautiful town which is far far away from his home country.

When the two hearts met, they’ll never fall apart.

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