Hitched! Olivia & Antonio

Antonio has been my truthful friend since my school days. I was lucky to witness the seeding of the duo, and even more thankful that I’m behind the lens of their big day.
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Hitched! Jessica & Wilber

We always feel great to help and witness our clients’ wedding since the first day, but it’s even more satisfactory for us to know and join the journey since the engagement! For us it’s more like seeing the fruit of love and blessings to the couple, than just a beautiful wedding.
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Hitched! Carol & John

We met Carol and John in person only a few days before their wedding, which is very unusual for us. We always wanna meet couples well before their big day so we can be there to help and advise.

We both are nervous indeed. They had gone through a hard time finding a photographer that will listen and shoot the wedding for them, but not for whom’s “style” and promotion. We are eager to know who they are and also feel like it’s a second job interview at the same time. Thankfully all things went well and we are both pleased to have each other on the day. Continue reading

Hitched! Louise & Kelvin

The story began in Macau. The lovers were born in Macau, but Louise moved to Hong Kong with her parents when she was a little child. Being raised and having their lives in two places apart, it seems that the two lines will never cross…

But when destiny leads the way, their love story begins at the very place their lives began – Macau.
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Hitched! Kusen & Ken

We always ask first the love story of the couple, as we believe every story is different and so does every wedding, which should be unique and personalized.

Today, we’re happy to share with you the wedding of the running couple. Their story started on the running track. They met each other because of running and now they finally reached their ‘start point’ of the new chapter in their lives. Continue reading

Hitched! Mani & Henry

It’s always special to shoot your friend’s wedding: you know them so well, goods and bads, ups and downs, their temper and what little things they treasure larger than life. You will remember things they said, that only friends and family value.

Mani and Henry is one of the pairs, we are glad that we can finally join their wedding. Continue reading

Hitched! Ivy & Pata

When we entered the hotel room, not only we saw flowers prepared for hair-dressing, but really a growing plant of little yellow flowers to give a nice touch in the room. Instead of “love vow” prepared by google, he sang a song for his wiffy, and even more he prepared his own words to express his love and how he would be her hubby. After the tea ceremony, the young couple, together with their best men and bridesmaids, sang for God. Oh, I forgot to say they prayed and handed their wedding day to God for his mercy and guidance.

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