It was deja vu. It felt like we’ve already known each other for a while when I first met Dot and Mike.

I glanced at my watch and noted it’s been one minute pass the time we agreed to meet. I thought, hmmm… probably they’re just like the other wedding photographers I met. After 20 minutes of non-stop conversation, I realized I was wrong.

They were nothing commercial. They offered me hope, confidence and support. They seemed to be my silver lining among the disappointment I had towards local wedding photography. What attracts me the most is the fact that they believe in storytelling through wedding photography.

Dot is like a friend to me, she helped me through literally everything since we first met. Not only did she take care of my hands-on problems, but also my anxiety deep down.

Mike is a cheerful and thoughtful guy even he appears to be otherwise. He has an eye for detail on my wedding day and I really appreciate it.

I remember Dot saying that she gets what it means on that neon sign. And it was that moment I truly feel that my wedding is completed with a knowing smile. I am absolutely grateful to have met these two amazing characters and have them on my wedding day.

You did make a difference, guys. Thank you!

Janet & Elvis

From the day we picked miLa Story for our wedding photography, we know it is the best choice for us.

Before the day, Mike and Dot coordinated us so well and they did take care of every single detail of the big day. They helped us soothing our anxiety, (we had a very tight scheduled wedding!) so we could relax, and enjoy our wedding very much!

Mike and his team are very professional and had made awesome shootings from the start of the day till the last minute of the wedding.

Mike is a very talent, enthusiastic and caring person. He captured every precious moment for us and brought us smile on faces. We hardly choose photos for printing the album as they are ALL very impressive!

It was a pleasure to work with Dot, too. She is responsive to our questions and very helpful.

We love to express our thankfulness to miLa Story for perfecting our most important day. We are looking forward to working with Mike and Dot again in the future at any opportunity.

Thank you!

Sheerly & Ringo

We love miLa Story’s professional and caring attitude. They can capture our natural and touching moments. We are very surprised and happy on the beautiful photos, which are not identical to other photographers in Hong Kong. Highly recommended!

Kusen & Ken

我一直都很喜歡歐美style的engagement photos, 沒想過自己也可擁有一輯美得像Pinterest上看到的engagement photos!Mike是一個很有heart的攝影師, 他拍出來的相往往給我們帶來很多驚喜, 謝謝你把我們最真實、自然的一刻拍下來!從拍攝到後期製作, 都感受到Mike & Dot的用心, 直至收到製成品一刻真的很感動!謝謝miLa Story給我們一個美好的回憶!

Ivy & Pata

很慶幸找了miLa Story為我們的大日子拍攝,無論是早上證婚或下午的wedding party, 都完全捕捉了我倆和家人朋友們開心的一刻。看得出他們很用心跟客人互動,尤其是拍攝小朋友時,輕易令他們乖乖面向鏡頭!看到大家在照片中笑得很開心,令我回看照片時都忍不住會心一笑!:-)

Nicola & Joe